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The Forte School Dance Studio
Policies and Attire

The Forte School Dance Department is thrilled to have the opportunity to teach your child! Our instructors are committed to providing the best learning environment for your child by presenting positivity, leadership, and hard working skills.

The Forte School provides experienced instructors that are well versed in their disciplines and take pride in educating the next generation of dancers with appropriate music, choreography and costumes.

Dance Class Policies

● Be on time! A punctual arrival time ensures your child will receive full instruction.
● Be prepared! Proper clothing, shoes, and hair must be worn each class.
● Have a positive attitude! Any disrespectful, uncooperative behaviors will not be accepted.
● Please have your child use the restroom before class. Leaving during instruction is highly discouraged.
● All food/gum and beverages must be disposed of before class.
● Have all belongings labeled with your child’s name.
● Please have a separate bag for dance only.
● Parents/Guardians are to remain in the waiting area during instruction time.

Attire to be worn

Creative Movement – black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet skirt, pink ballet shoes, and hair in a proper ballet bun.

Ballet 1 & 2 – black leotard, pink tights, black ballet skirt, pink ballet shoes, and hair in a proper ballet bun.

Ballet 3 – black leotard, pink tights, ballet skirt or spandex shorts, pink ballet shoes, and hair in a proper ballet bun. (No loose fitting clothing)

Jazz/Hip Hop – leotard, shorts, black jazz shoes, and hair tightly tied back.

Hip Hop/Acro – leotard, shirt, shorts, sneakers or barefoot, and hair must be tightly tied back.


The Forte School Dance Department follows the same school calendar as all Pasco County Public Schools. Click here to see our dance calendar.


Tuition is paid through our Auto-Pay system here. Manual pay is permitted but tuition is due by the first day of each month and payments made on the 8th day or after will incur a late fee. Tuition does not include instructional materials, the annual school registration fee, or recital costume costs.


Consistent attendance is crucial to learning on any level. Weekly classes and lessons must be attended regularly to ensure student success. Cancellations should please be kept to a minimum in order for you to reap the most out of your investment.


Students must be dropped off by a parent or guardian. Students will not be dismissed to parents waiting in the parking lot. Please be punctual in order to reap the most out of your lesson time. Also, please pick up your student promptly after their lesson is completed as we cannot have unsupervised youth in the waiting area and around campus. This is for their safety.


Please be informed that students will participate in the end-of-year recital. Music is a performing art and participation in the recital is a strongly encouraged part of your investment.

Thank you for choosing The Forte School! Your cooperation with school policy ensures that The Forte School runs efficiently and to the benefit of our students, their families and our instructors.