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The Forte School of Music
Policy and Parent Guide

The Forte School welcomes you to the wonderful world of music! We are so glad you have chosen The Forte School to fulfill your musical goals. Here you will embark on a most rewarding journey!

Please keep this policy for reference. Our policy is for the mutual benefit of our students and their families, and for the smooth administration of our school. Please feel free to inquire should you need any clarification; we will be happy to assist you.

School Calendar

The school year consists of two semesters. There is a Fall (August-December) and a Spring Semester (January-May). Each music year will consist of 32 classes. Please refer to our school calendar for your schedule of classes here.  Although students are not required to be committed to a full year of instruction, there is a 30 day cancellation policy for all students.  Written notice is required for cancellations.

Makeup Weeks

Private students are allowed to make up two missed classes per semester. Please note that in order to qualify for a makeup class, 24 hours written notice must be received through your student portal  also please inform your instructor directly. (Group classes are not included in the make up policy.)

Tuition Payments

Tuition payments at The Forte School are easy and secure! All payments are made through a personalized, secure family account linked to a debit or credit card. Auto pay students will receive a substantial monthly discount on tuition. Self paying families will pay the regular tuition rate.

Tuition is due and will be collected on the first day of each month; payments made after the 5th day of the month will incur a late fee. Tuition does not include instructional materials or the annual school registration fee. Although students are not required to be committed to a full year of instruction, there is a 30-day cancellation policy for all students. Official notice of cancellation must be sent in writing to administration:


Consistent attendance is crucial to learning on any level. Weekly classes and lessons must be attended regularly to ensure student success. Cancellations should please be kept to a minimum in order for you to reap the most out of your investment. Please try to reserve makeup classes for illness should that be the case. Please give 24 hours notice to your instructor directly. No-shows will not qualify for a makeup. School policy allows for two makeup lessons per student per semester. Makeup classes will be made up on designated make­up days, which are on the school calendar. It is the responsibility of the student and their family to know when the makeup days are, and to schedule them with their instructor. Scheduled makeup lessons cannot be rescheduled if they are missed. Group classes do not qualify for make up classes.


Students must be dropped off by a parent or guardian. Students will not be dismissed to parents waiting in the parking lot. We cannot be responsible for students safety if they are not picked up by a responsible adult. Please be punctual in order to reap the most out of your lesson time. Also, please pick up your student promptly after their lesson is completed as we cannot have unsupervised youth in the waiting area and around campus. This is for their safety.


Each student is required to spend time practicing as this is a requirement for success! It is recommended that practice time should be regular and in a quiet place with minimal distractions. Praise your student and give positive reinforcement and rewards for practice time!


Please be informed that all students will participate in the end of year recital. Music is a performing art and participation in the recital is a strongly encouraged part of your investment.

Thank you so much for choosing The Forte School! Your cooperation with school policy ensures that The Forte School runs efficiently and to the benefit of our students, their families and our instructors.