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At Forte, We Do DRAMA!

The drama department at The Forte School is something to rave about! We specialize in musicals and large scale dramatic performances that involve the entire community.

Musicals are especially fun for kids. They are those wonderful performances where the actors on stage will periodically break out in song and dance. Think Sound of Music, Annie and The Music Man, where the art of dance, music and drama are wrapped up into one spectacular package!

Musical theater is the perfect course of study at the Forte School for students interested in multitasking! For students that love to sing and dance and act, musical theater is a wonderful program. At the Forte School we have musical theater classes for ages K through 12 and with our own state of the art performing arts center, it’s an offer you won’t want to refuse! Self expression is so important in our younger generation and they need positive outlets for their creativity, talents, and energy!

Ms. Jennifer Nelson teaches Musical Theater for K-5th grade and and Mr. Michael Brennan heads up the 6th-12th grade group.  Both of these amazing instructors would be happy to share more about our exciting programs for the fall. Please call 727-859-7081 for more information on our Musical Theater programs at The Forte School!

And remember….Refuse to be Ordinary!

Thea Michalopoulos

The Forte School of Fine Arts