The Forte School of Music
Policy and Parent Guide

The Forte School welcomes you to the wonderful world of music! We are so glad you have chosen The Forte School to fulfill your musical goals. Here, you will embark on a most rewarding journey to explore one of the most rewarding of God’s gifts, music!

Please take note and keep this policy for reference. Our policy is for the mutual benefit of our students, their families and the smooth administration of our school. Please feel free to inquire should you need any clarification; we will be happy to assist you.

School Calendar

Each piano year from September to May will consists of 32 music lessons or group classes. We realize that the holidays are times when we should be with family. Then we have special performances twice a year for Easter and Christmas when our school is closed due to those events. Lastly, for your convenience there are weeks dedicated to provide for Make Up classes should you need to use your excused absences. During these special weeks, we have no regularly scheduled classes. Summers are billed separately. You will receive a school calendar with the days marked.  Even though each month will look different and we do not have the same number of classes month to month, collectively the year will consist of 32 classes. Therefore, tuition is based on that and billed in 10 equal payments. It is much easier to pay the same amount each month. We have two convenient ways to pay for tuition via Paypal or credit card on our website which is: www.theforteschool.org. Tuition is due by the 1st day of each month. There will be a grace period until the 7th day of the month. Payments made on the 8th day or after will incur a late fee of $10.

Multifamily discounts will start with the 3rd sibling or class in the music school. Please see an administrator for more details on discounted pricing.)


Consistent attendance is crucial to learning on any level. Weekly classes and lessons must be attended regularly to ensure student success. Cancellations should please be kept to a minimum in order for you to reap the most out of your investment. Please try to reserve make up classes for illness should that be the case.  Please give 24 hours notice to your instructor directly. No shows will not qualify for a make up. School policy allows for 2 make up lessons per student per semester. Make up classes will be made up on designated make­ up days which will be on the school calendar. It is the student and their family’s responsibility to know when the make up days are and to schedule them with their instructor. There will be no make up days if you miss a scheduled make up. The semesters are September through January and February through June. The consistent attendance of our students is very important to us and to their continued success!


For the younger students, when dropping off your child and picking them up please be punctual in order to reap the most out of your lesson time. Classes are scheduled accordingly back to back most days and your student will miss lesson time when they are late. Also, please pick your student up promptly after their lesson is completed as we cannot have unsupervised youth in the waiting area and around campus. This is for their safety.


Each student is required to spend time practicing as this is a requirement for success! It is recommended that practice time should be regular and in a quiet place with minimal distractions. Praise your student and give positive reinforcement and rewards for practice time!

Thank you so much for your cooperation in keeping with school policy as it ensures that The Forte School runs smoothly, efficiently and to the benefit of our students, their families and instructors.